Services & Rates

As businesses are emerging from the current economic crisis, it's more important now than ever before to benefit from the best possible strategic advice. Many companies are using this inflection point to emerge and progress stronger and better than before. For anyone who would like Dave's help in evaluating their position and advising on their next steps, feel free to message him for a free 30 minute consultation.

Dave's best skill and greatest enjoyment comes from helping leaders to move their organizations forward and upward from where they currently stand. Some of Dave's most passionate topics and areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership mentoring (individually and collectively),
  • Active Board Seat,
  • Development of Strategic Partnerships,
  • Managing Relationships through an Exit or a Merger/Acquisition,
  • Putting the Right Person in the Right Seat,
  • Working with Potential Financial Partners

and many other key topics and roles.

Dave loves to help entrepreneurs and companies grow to new heights, both individually and collectively. If you are interested in engaging in Dave's services as an advisor, consultant or mentor, feel free to reach out through our contact form to determine the right engagement and fit.

Engagements can range from as little as a half day for $2000 up to weekly or ongoing monthly engagements of up to 30 hours per week at $25,000 per month, based on the nature and the outcomes involved.

You may contact Dave via the form on our Contact Us page.