Case Studies

Leaders aren't built with a one-size-fits-all template. The most common obstacle leaders face is connecting with their employees in a way that inspires and motivates them toward a strategic plan. By listening to company leaders, Dave can intuitively guide them into a balance of respect, trust, loyalty, and commitment.

First steps are sitting down with leaders and finding out what excites them (personally and professionally) and what makes them tick as well as learning their own personal goals and obstacles. With a blend of understanding about their goals and mandates, Dave can curate and create a balanced, resilient leader. Leaders who trust themselves and their relationships, in all aspects of their lives, serve their businesses and their families more effectively. Great leaders create work environments where the organization holds as the golden standard creating inspired employees who are happy and productive and therefore help the company thrive. A happy employee naturally produces greater output and leaves work inspired versus fatigued.

Large Organization/Family Office - Hall Labs

One of the most recent projects Dave has assumed was the role of Senior Advisor to Hall Labs, a significant innovation center that spans more than 131 acres in Provo, Utah, with a 60-plus year legacy in technology, material science acceleration, and exits with more than $650M in exited value with an average of 4.5x ROI. Dave advised several of the Hall Lab portfolio companies simultaneously to share growth expertise and to provide specific counsel, from exits to strategic partnerships, to increasing revenue and profitability.

Small and Growth Organizations - SnappConner PR

Dave advised the boutique and specialized agency SnappConner PR, of Salt Lake City, in the creation of an organization that could be as strong as the services it provides to clients throughout the U.S. and in some events, overseas. This organization had earned awards for its growth and performance but was stuck (as many small businesses are) in its ability to progress from a "star-based venture" built around its top consultants to a successful managed venture with optimal business continuity for long term success.

In a single session, Dave was able to help this company transition its function from an operation that was slowly wearing its founder into the ground to a structure that incented internal leaders to create and drive their own success and to participate in the outcomes. That transition allowed the organization to evolve from near crisis to strong and recession-proof organization that is now experiencing its greatest success even in the midst of a struggling market.